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Preacher C. H. A. T. was developed to provide preachers and ministers tools to help them grow and develop in  their ministry to become workman who would rightfully handle the Word of God and God’s people.

Preacher C.H.A.T. offers to its members and participants several components to help develop their preaching and ministry. These include:

     - Sermon Development and Delivery

     -  Biblical Exegesis

     -  Sermon & Study Resources

“We read our text alone. We do our research alone. We compose our sermons alone. Ironically, when we have concluded this lonely journey we stand in the midst of a community and invite them, even expect them, to journey with us.”

~ Sedaric Dinkens

Join us every forth Saturday for

Currently hosted at

Christian Stronghold Baptist Church

Rev. Hal Johnson, Senior Pastor

6810 Samuell Boulevard

Dallas, Texas  75227

For more information call

(469) 443 - 6087